We offer a large variety of concrete mixes, mix additives & services


 Concrete Mixes are available with design ranges from 2000 to over 5000 psi

 “Flowfill” mix is available for sinkholes and tank fill jobs

 Colored Concrete: Many colors mixes can be produced. Stop in to see a color chart

 Lighweight Concrete mixes are also available

 Grout Mix: For block fill or special masonary jobs

 Permeable Concrete: This Planet friendly concrete allows rain and runoff to soak into the underlying ground

 Special Design: We can create and design ANY mix to match your needs or specs

RCC: Roller Compacted Concrete


 Accelerators: Both Chloride and Non Chloride

 Retarders: To extend fresh working life of concrete

 Fiber Mesh: For increased strength and durability

 CuringSealing Agents & Compounds

 Patching compunds & specialty products

 More Specialty Items and Options are available. Please call to discuss your project needs


 Mix design and project planning assistance.

 Reliable Delivery By National Ready Mix Association Certified Delivery Professionals

We Service over a 60 mile radius of Eastern Pennsylvania and New Jersey with batch plants located in Bethlehem, Allentown and Kutztown, utilizing a fleet of more than 30 Rear discharge & Front discharge trucks.